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Cybersecurity threats are asymmetric, meaning the bad guys only need one small mistake to create a large deal of trouble for your business. Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses can go a long way to towards closing gaps in your security.

Many security problems these days are caused by lack of simple controls and monitoring of your sensitive systems. Other problems can pop up due to lack of training programs for employees.

The good news is that fixing these vulnerabilities does not have to be complicated or take you away from the mission of building your business. Advanced monitoring systems should be part of your monthly service from a good IT service provider. They should not only be able to help detect issues, but combat them for you. This means going beyond stopping viruses or other failures re-actively by recommending better solutions or workflows when they become available.

Using outsourced IT for monitoring and support also helps remove a great deal of your compliance burden for legal requirements laid out in regulatory acts such as GLBA and HIPAA.

Employee security training is available for a modest fee from a number of web based platform vendors which allow you to make sure you are meeting your legally required training obligations in a way that cuts down on your time spent managing and studying reports. It also has the added benefit of being a reliable method of cutting down on intrusions to do employee mistakes such as opening those pesky virus ridden email attachments or using bad practices for creating / storing / using passwords on websites.

To truly know where your weaknesses are, you should also engage an experienced an cybersecurity expert to help you identify them and help find automated solutions to combat those deficiencies. Anyone who has ever been through a security breach or lost valuable data to a virus or other threat can tell you that the old adage “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is not only valid in today’s modern threat landscape, its a promise you can bank on. As always, we remind you that while you don’t have to use us as your IT security partner, you should be using somebody ????

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