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It’s been a fun start to 2018 for those of us in the IT security space. Intel revealed that for over a decade there has been a gaping security flaw in the basic design of their chips.

Theoretically, it allows a hacker to access protected operating system data at such a low layer that antivirus products do not even see the activity. *YIKES*
This flaw affects every operating system, from laptops and workstations, to tablets and servers. The good news, according to multiple companies such as Microsoft, AMD, and Intel itself, there are no known “in the wild” attacks using this exploit. It was discovered by security researchers and kept under wraps for over year. It even has the scary moniker “meltdown.”

So far, the “cure” is worse than the disease. Microsoft initially released a patch to help block the virus, but after reports the patch was completely disabling many systems, they have halted release and will be retooling the update for release once it is more stable.

In addition, phishing emails have been sent out to millions of people claiming to offer direct downloads of this important security patch. DO NOT BE FOOLED. These are actually virus installs that allow people to compromise your systems.

Which bring us back around to patch management, it is important to have a trusted adviser handling your network security updates. In some cases, its just as important to know what patches NOT to install. Your adviser should also provide you with reporting to make sure your systems are always protected against these high level threats.

As always, you don’t have to use our services to protect your business, but you should be using someone ????

More info on the fake update emails below: