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New studies utilizing data from law enforcement and intrusion prevention systems are showing a VERY positive trend. Compared to 2011, 64% of breaches are now being detected by the companies affected by them, rather than law enforcement. Previously, 94% went undetected until law enforcement got involved!

That is a very positive sign. It should also serve as a warning to business owners who HAVEN’T upgraded their security, or even had a security assessment performed on their business in the last few years.

Like everything else in the marketplace, consumer expectations and competition are always on the rise. Don’t let the guy across town get business that should have been yours because your old systems are inefficient or just down all together. You need competent IT and security advisers helping your business grow. As always, you don’t have to use Vine, but you should absolutely be using someone!

Interesting Numbers from the axios article linked below:

  • 64% of North and South American breaches investigated by FireEye are detected by the victim rather than by a third party (like law enforcement).
  • That’s a sizable improvement over 2011, when only 6% were detected internally.
  • This year was also an improvement over 2016, when 53% of breaches were detected by the victim.
  • “There is absolutely an improvement in organizational capability,” said Carmakal.