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Recently a local medical center reached out to us because they weren’t satisfied with their current managed IT provider. As we walked them through our service offerings and what makes our team unique, they expressed a desire to hire our team. But then they told us that they wanted to change their company’s billing software and wanted to have the software implemented before they brought us on. So to recap…they don’t trust their current IT partner…and they want to make a huge change to a completely different billing software with that vendor supporting them! No, no, and no. I understanding that it’s difficult to make multiple big changes all at once within a company. Although making them in the correct order is vital.

Remember that your IT provider becomes a part of your team. They should represent you and your company in any and all tech related discussions and implementations. Working with the billing software company to ensure that the network and connections are conducive to their software. Acting on your behalf and in your company’s best interest. Even something as simple as internet connectivity issues. The IT partner should reach out on your behalf to the carrier and investigate the issue and report back. Just like they were your in house IT team.

Bottom line, before you make a big change such as business management or billing software, make sure that you have a solid, trustworthy relationship with you IT provider. And allow them to do what they do best in supporting and representing your team in all things tech.

Mike Thackrey / CEO