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One of the most common attack factors for cybercriminals these days is your email. We all need an email to function as a modern business. But how do you go about protecting yourself from bad actors and cybercriminals? There is technology which can be things like spam filters, anti-malware scanning on your email. But cybercriminals are clever these days and know about these technologies so they are not just going to send you an infected attachment or try to get you to open up a file that will compromise your network. What they will attempt to do is impersonate a person in your business, often someone who is involved with human resources or some sort of comptroller, anybody who’s got financial ability to send money out of the network. So how do you protect against those things when there’s actually no virus to catch? Well, the only answer to that is security and awareness training for your employees.

At Vine, we’ve got a great platform that helps get your employees to start recognizing when they are seeing something that may not be legitimate. Usually there are small details that you can pull out of these emails, different things that you can do to backstop those workflows to make sure that whenever there is a sensitive piece of information that might be coming in or going out of the company, or money coming in or going out of the company, that they are doing their due diligence and double checking to make sure that that is, in fact, a legitimate request.