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As an IT company, one of the issues that new clients come to us with frequently is, “I’m going to be moving my business, what are the things I need to worry about?” So it’s far more than just making sure you have a little room somewhere to stick your equipment. You want to look at environmental factors, like do you need your server or network hardware cooled at a certain level? Will it be optimal, with no water piping above where you will be storing sensitive information and systems? To making sure you have the systems in place so that you are ready to go live the same day you have your equipment and your people arriving. That means things like managing vendors for internet services, telephone services, voice over IP, and a good provider will be able to handle that for you as a project manager, and make sure those critical resources are available for you when you need them so you don’t have any downtime between moving your software, and hardware and getting everything operational so you can get back to running your business.