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So you might be looking for a new IT vendor, it happens all the time. What are you supposed to look for? What things are important to your business? And how can you most effectively set up your relationship with the person that help will keep your workflow moving at a good pace? There is a couple of things to consider. Number one is reputation, do they have other clients of your size and business scope? Maybe even in your specific business vertical that they can show a good history of service with, and someone willing to attest that they are in fact, delivering an excellent level of services for you. What sorts of certifications do their employees hold? What types of workflow do they set up when they are deploying something new? So let’s say you were thinking of moving to Office 365, are they going to try to get a couple of extra dollars out of your contract by setting the relationship with your business through them? Or are they going to put your vendor relationship directly with Microsoft so you always have control of it and you don’t feel trapped into a relationship you can’t get out of because they hold all the keys to all of your kingdom.

Those are very important questions to consider. Here at Vine IT we always try to set everything up directly with the client-vendor so that they at any time feel they have the freedom and control over their systems, and at the same time, we still manage everything and help make sure it is secure and available when they need those services the most.