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Do you work for a growing company whose digital infrastructure isn’t growing with it?

For small businesses, it’s easy to fall into the gap. When you started out, you had a handful of inexpensive computers without much in the way of security, and that was fine for your little office. Someday, you dream of being a much bigger company with its own IT department. But right now, you’re in between. Your machines and your software aren’t sufficient for your growing company, none of your employees is a tech genius, and you’re too small to hire a specialist to show you how to scale your technology responsibly. Don’t start buying the first software that you think might be useful, or you’ll end up with expensive and useless products. Get managed IT solutions to learn how to build the IT infrastructure that can help your business succeed.


Vine IT can provide your company with a professional security assessment. These audits can show you your system’s vulnerabilities and point you in the right direction for making it up-to-date and airtight. News of large-scale ransomware attacks on small businesses has become routine in the past few years, so it no longer makes sense to neglect cybersecurity and hope for the best. Skimping on security on your computers is just like skimping on security in your facilities: a false savings that can end in an expensive disaster. If your industry has cybersecurity compliance protocols that you’re worried your company may not meet, schedule a Vine IT audit, and we’ll show you how to get your company up to the industry standard. Get an outsider’s opinion of your setup.

Managed IT

At Vine IT, we can provide small businesses with all the solutions a dedicated IT department provides for larger companies at a fraction of the price. Looking to acquire new computers or digital systems? We’ll handle the installation. Worried that a hardware problem could take out all your data? We’ll back up your data to the cloud. We’ll also monitor your hardware and software to stop problems before they happen. Noticed that all your computers are extra-slow lately and can’t figure out why? We’ve got a US-based help desk that you can call any hour of the day or night.

Don’t try to scale your small business’s IT yourself. Let the professionals do it. Contact us to learn more about IT solutions that work for you.