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Having employees work remotely has become a popular option for many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s convenient and cuts out the commute. As of June 2020, many employees who can are still working at home, and most say they would like to continue. But as is the case with any rapid change, remote work is posing a challenge to businesses that are relying on it in the short and long term.  You may be struggling to keep an eye on productivity, learn how to video conference, and of course, manage cybersecurity and infrastructure during this strange time. And you may have learned that most remote setups just don’t have proper cybersecurity. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to cut the risks to your business and your remote workers, and we at Vine IT are here to help.

Cyber Security At Home

Since cybersecurity risks in a remote setup now spread to the home networks of remote employees, it’s a good idea to focus on your workers and bring them into the fight against malware, security breaches, and hackers. Otherwise, hackers and malware can attack everything in a home network from smartphones to printers, opening a gateway into your business’s remote network. Employees should know to change passwords often, avoid default passwords, update their devices, and use two-factor authentication. Making sure that you and your remote workers can recognize a fishy email or email attachment will also help. And of course, having your workers know how to spot signs of data breaches and malware, such as strange, annoying pop-ups, programs that seem to have come out of nowhere, and a keyboard and mouse that moves on its own is important. And your employees, of course, will want to protect their own privacy. Having them improve the security of their home Wi-Fi networks is a great idea. 

Professional Intervention

Hiring an IT consultant or team can help your business protect the important information you and your remote workers have to send over a network. We can help you safely through the steps needed to make this happen. Making sure that your company has its own VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a good first step. Adding new tools to better monitor all attack surfaces and identify high-risk devices is yet another weapon against data breaches that will work well. It’s also a good idea to review business plans for data breaches and any other cybersecurity incidents and change those plans for remote work, especially since there’s a chance that your workers may need to work from home for the long haul. An IT solutions company such as Vine IT can help you work out such plans.

The Risks Of Inaction

The world of work is rapidly changing and with it, the need for cybersecurity isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, you may be having a hard time running your business and trying to stay on top of digital security.  Unfortunately, this can easily lead to human error and missing a vulnerable network or program.  Without the help of the pros, you can find yourself facing unpleasant surprises such as data breaches of sensitive information, disrupted productivity, and lost revenue from downtime. Hackers are capable of manipulating VPN’s and using them to get to sensitive information or stage attacks against a company. Employees can also suffer from identity theft which is a nightmare that no one wants to experience.

To avoid these dangerous frustrations to you, your business, and your workers, be sure to contact us today. We’re here to ensure that you and your business can adapt to the short and long-term changes that the current crisis has created.