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Your business must deal with a lot of threats on a daily basis, and some of the largest threats your company will face include breaches of cyber security, as well as the headaches caused by IT infrastructure downtime. As of 2019, small businesses are the victims of over 40% of all cyberattacks, and over 50% of small businesses suffered data breaches during that same amount of time.  Network downtime caused by infrastructure issues average around $5,600 per minute for businesses, though costs will of course vary depending on the organization and its size.

Two Solutions

Managed IT services and managed cyber security can help your company avoid these issues. Managed Cyber Security and Managed IT services are both vital to your business in that they cover these areas, but there are some differences in what they do. Managed IT services focus on eliminating the weaknesses of a company’s network infrastructure while managed cyber security focuses on monitoring a network for activity that could lead to data breaches and malware attacks.

Managed IT Services and What They Do For Your Business

Managed IT services are provided by an outsourced MSP (Managed IT Services Provider) and eliminate the need for an on-site IT professional. These remote services are designed to strengthen and optimize the way your company runs online. Managed IT services can remotely monitor your company’s workstations 24/7 so that if an issue should arise, an IT professional can be called in to address it quickly. This type of service focuses on automatic data backups, malware protection, device installation, and updating vital software. Maintaining your IT infrastructure will lead to benefits such as a good recovery strategy, less downtime, and faster network performance. MSP’s must upgrade their services constantly to keep up with technology, and offer flexible services as well as predictable monthly costs. Less downtime and greater worker productivity can improve any company’s bottom line as well as leave a business owner more time to work on other aspects of running a company.

Managed IT Cyber Security and How It Protects Your Company

Managed Security Service Providers, or MSSP’s, provide outsourced, managed IT cyber security services. These services monitor your network, traffic, and other online infrastructure for suspicious activity and aim to develop good security protocols with your company. More specifically, IT cyber security services work to block email spam and viruses, set up firewalls, manage VPN’s, monitor cloud security, and detect unauthorized logins. An organization’s security can also be audited for weaknesses that could lead to huge costs in the future. An MSSP can also help any organization develop a security compliance policy for healthcare, legal, or insurance services, and can respond in-person to any security incidents that do arise. Using an MSSP to manage your company’s cyber security can cost less than hiring an in-house IT professional and lead to less time spent managing security.

Vine IT Can Help Your Business With Cyber Security and Managed IT Services

Vine IT is ready to help your company or organization with keeping its cyber security up-to-date and with ensuring that its online infrastructure remains reliable. We are available 24/7 to address your online security and infrastructure needs. 

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