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The society and the global economies continue to encircle digital transformation in 2021. COVID-19 pandemic continues to force businesses to adjust to the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats while several employees continue to work from home.

Your business needs to have cyber protection solutions in place to keep your data security a step ahead of cyber threats.

There are major cybersecurity threats that your business will be facing in 2021, including;

  • Phishing scams
  • Malware
  • Insider attacks
  • Mobile breaches
  • The growth of IoT

To stay connected in the digital sphere, you must keep track of all emerging threats. Also, you need to assess the possible business outcomes of any security breach or incident.

Here are the ways through which you can prepare your entity for cybersecurity threats in 2021.

Employee Education on Latest Tech Solutions

In 2021, email function is expected to continue being one of the most vulnerable in regard to attack vectors. Given that phishing is the top access vector for malware attacks, it is important for your business to make adequate preparation to avoid falling victim.

Phishing attackers are shifting their targets to businesses and governments. Therefore, you can combat such attacks within your organization by ensuring you continually educate your employees.

Your business does not need to depend on employees to identify phishing emails. Also, you need to continuously implement protection approaches that will avoid phishing attacks from reaching your end-users.

Understanding the Risk Profile of Your Business

There is increased need by your business to protect itself against previously unseen threats. It is going to be hard to stay protected from cybersecurity threats in 2021. Therefore, you need to have plans to keep your business protected.  

You can start by using tools such as breach and attack simulations to assess your business’ areas of vulnerability.

Use of Containerization Programs

You can prepare your business for cybersecurity threats by using different containerization programs. The programs keep corporate and personal data safe and helps in blocking unauthorized devices from accessing your business network.

Also, the programs make it possible for mobile devices to access your business’ data through a secure browser. The programs provide anti-virus protection and securely manages your organization’s cloud files.

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