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Hacking has become a normal routine in cybersecurity. This malicious activity is happening daily. Once your email account is hacked, your data can be exposed in a data breach or else using your account to impersonate you. It is therefore essential to ensure high standards of security for your personal and work email accounts.

Here are Important Tips to Keep Your Email Safe

You Need a Strong Password

Make your account safe by avoiding easy to guess passwords that can be easily guessed and stolen. Generate a secure password with at least ten characters. Take password security with a lot of seriousness.

Encrypt Your Emails

Another safer way to keep your account safe is by encrypting your emails. It’s such a good idea to use encryption because encrypted messages can only be open by someone with a key. Encryption will keep your extra-sensitive emails away from snoopers.

Protect Your Computer

The easiest way to hack into someone’s account is by accessing their devices. Be careful whom you share your gadgets with. Always set your security in private and avoid entering passwords while you are in the public.

Keep Your Two-factor Authentication Enabled

Two-factor authentication is a powerful security measure that ensures that even if the second party has your password, they still need another step to access your account. This extra step could be a secret question or a fingerprint. This kind of authentication acts as an extra layer of security that can secure your emails once your password is compromised.

Beware of Phishing

One of the biggest threats to your emails is phishing. A lot of people, fall victim to this attack since it’s based on deception. The criminals send you an original-looking email requesting you to click or download an attachment. These deceptive attachments may also ask you to enter your details or credentials in which they used to deceive you.

Beware of Public Wi-Fi

Malicious hackers may tend to set up a fake hotspot aiming to steal your personal information. When you click to such Wi-Fi you give them access to your usernames, account details, and passwords as well. To maintain your safety, avoid signing in to public Wi-Fi especially when you are logging in to your email account and other platforms that might reveal your sensitive data.

Privacy and security should not be taken lightly. You should always be cautious about your privacy when operating your email account. Save yourself from regrets by keeping your email account safe and secure. At Vine IT, Our agenda is to ensure that your email account safety is guaranteed. Give Vine IT a call today to learn more.