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Although most organizations are aware of today’s cybersecurity threats, many don’t have measures in place to protect them from these cyber threats. In the year 2020, cyberattacks went up to 400%, with nearly 4000 complaints per day. The increase directly links to the shift in working trends from the workplace to telecommuting, leading to increased vulnerability of company-sensitive documents.

But the trend does not give any signs of slowing down in 2021. In fact, cyberattacks in the United States are on the rise, and over 90% of businesses are seeking IT management services to counter these threats.

Considering the amount of money an organization can lose in case of extensive damage to their data, businesses cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Below are the IT projects that any business should prioritize in 2021 to ensure they are safe from cyberattacks, other email problems, and IT issues that may arise.

1. Antivirus & Malware Protection

Virus protection is critical for any computer systems that connect to the internet to hinder destructive viruses and spyware, leading to a breach of privacy and devastating damage to the systems or data. Additionally, it protects your systems from harmful threats such as unwanted spam mail and solicitations. Cybersecurity companies offer antivirus and malware protection with capabilities such as file protection, PC optimization, anti-phishing and antispam.

2. Automated Cloud Data Backup

In 2021, more and more businesses are contacting cybersecurity companies for Cloud service as they recognize the convenience, increased efficiency, and decreased costs it brings. Automated cloud data backup services provide you with extra redundancy and security for organizations that want to ensure their critical data is safe even if a disaster strikes.

3. Update Management

As your software and systems age, they become more susceptible to cyberattacks. Therefore, it is essential to have a regular review of all applications, security software, and operating systems. An IT solutions company such as VineIT offers update management services and ensures security patches and software are up to date.

4. Hardware / Software Monitoring

Cybercriminals strike when one is least expecting an attack; thus, it is crucial to be vigilant at all times. It involves maintaining your hardware or software’s health to detect any abnormalities that may occur and stop the issue immediately. VineIT takes on the task and provides your business with 24/7 monitoring services as part of our managed IT and cybersecurity strategy.

5. Networking Support

Networking support is another IT project that your business should prioritize in 2021 as a preventative measure to cyberattacks. It involves the maintenance of the current business network with services including monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. VineIT is a leading IT solutions company that provides networking support to ensure your network run constantly at peak performance.

6. Security & Compliance

Another IT project that every organization needs to prioritize in 2021 is security and compliance. At VineIT, we help your business put together a plan to ensure your network and systems are safe and compliant. Our cybersecurity consultant assists in creating well-planned security assessments and compliance strategy that aligns with your IT and organizational strategies.

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