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COVID-19 has changed how we work with one another, testing our collective ability to adapt and stay productive. As a result, many businesses implemented hybrid work structures, shifted to work from home, or paused operations altogether.

As the pandemic begins to recede, transitioning business back to the office presents a new set of challenges. Whether it’s updating technology, altering company tech policy, or promoting employee prosperity, it’s essential to foster safety, efficiency, and security for a successful transition back to the office space.

 At Vine IT, we understand that any modern business depends on the strength of its workers as well as its technology systems. Below are our top tips and considerations for preparing your IT services for a successful return to the workplace.

 Employee and Workplace Security

Many businesses implemented changes throughout the last year to protect any business’s most valuable asset — people. To maintain this protection as employees begin transitioning back to the office, here are some considerations that we at Vine IT recommend for a seamless return to the workplace: 

  • Are work environments prepared for returning employees? Check all power sources, emergency systems, and accommodations for any needed maintenance.
  • Are screening or social distancing measures necessary or in place? Have returning employees been informed of how these measures will work?
  • Are qualified human resources services available to help employees return to the workplace?
  • Are all authorized and unauthorized personnel lists up-to-date? Double-check any access cards or codes, and review policy as necessary.

If you’re looking to keep your business up-to-date with the leading-edge managed IT services, take a look at some of our other informative blogs or schedule a consultation with us today. Let our experienced, friendly staff show you how Vine IT services can make transitioning business back to the office worry-free.

Technology, Policy, and Procedure

Many businesses needed to abruptly change their workplace technology use policies to allow first-time or long-term hardware loans. A key component for a successful return to the workplace is ensuring all technology, policies, and procedures are updated to accommodate a hybrid or fully in-office workforce. Vine IT recommends the following considerations for preparing your workplace technology and technology policy for transitioning back to the office:

  • Account for all loaned workplace technology and clear personal data to ensure privacy. Vine IT also recommends updating all workplace technology use policies as required.
  • Ensure all workplace technologies have the latest hardware and software. Complete software updates and upgrade hardware to ensure a secure, efficient work environment.
  • Check connectivity at all wired and wireless network access points, and ensure all employees have appropriate access levels.
  • Provide updated cybersecurity training for all employees.
  • Finally, Dispose of outdated or unused technology.

Workplace safety and up-to-date, secure technology are part of a strong foundation for any thriving business. To learn more about transitioning business back to the office and how dedicated cybersecurity can improve your business model, schedule a consultation to get started with Vine IT today.