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Whether your agency is large or small, dealing with downtime is a dreaded situation. Downtime results in lost money and efficiency for nearly a third of all agencies, with 545 hours of employee efficiency lost annually due to downtime.

Various internal and external issues may cause downtime, but the most common involve your agency’s platform and the delivery method for your agency management system.

Your Agency’s Work Platform

Your business depends on the server, which is often an internal on-site server. The problem with working on an internal server is that it is prone to various issues, from technical glitches to full-blown outages that may last for hours or days.

Internal servers require technicians to be available 24/7 to assist with and repair any issues that arise. However, on-site server technicians can be costly, and relying on call-in services to get you back up and running may be tricky.

You can make an internal server work for your agency, though, provided you have the proper support and management services. Selection of the right platform for your business’s unique needs can also be tricky, and you want to make sure that you know the vendor you’re doing business with for safety’s sake.

If you’re unsure about the right platform for your business or need help with managed services, Vine IT is ready to help. We have worked with various industries and understand the ins and outs and best practices that will work for you and your company.

Company Devices and Management Services

Another primary cause of downtime involves devices used within the company. From personal handhelds such as smartphones and tablets to computers and other equipment on which one handles work-related business, company devices put in a lot of time, and their use takes its toll.

The first step in ensuring that devices are not responsible for company downtime is to purchase quality products at the start. Well-made, high-quality equipment lasts longer and performs better. The investment in better-quality equipment will pay off in the long term on many levels. Also, factor in some additional units as spares if a device malfunctions or breaks entirely without warning.

Set a regular schedule for refreshing the company devices. On average, company devices should be replaced every three years to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Planning in your company’s budget for these regular purchases is essential. This refresh schedule should also be somewhat staggered, which may be determined by the age and use of the device and its current work performance.

Learn More About Reducing Your Company’s Downtime

Vine IT offers managed IT services and Cybersecurity consulting to businesses within the greater St. Petersburg, FL, area. We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive monitoring, management, and security solutions for their unique company needs. We work within many industries, including:

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For more information about our customized IT management services, look up our IT blog and Vine IT reviews. If you’re ready to get started on a customized plan for reducing downtime in your agency, contact Vine IT today at 844-484-6348.