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Should I Move My Business To The Cloud?

One of the questions I get a lot from clients during strategic planning sessions is, how can we move our business into the Cloud, or what are the benefits of having a Cloud-enabled business? It’s very important to understand that when you talk about Cloud resources,...

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Why Your Business Should Outsource IT Management

So one of the hidden cost factors for IT today is actually, how much of your time or the time of other high-level employees in your organization are being spent managing, troubleshooting, or planning for your IT infrastructure. Their time is best spent doing what they...

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Best Practices in the Workplace | Personal Devices

One of the issues that come up a lot as a security consultant is people say, what’s some of the easy things I can do to help keep my business safe and secure? One thing that’s free that I recommend to everybody, and it’s very, very tough to get people to adhere to it...

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