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Case Study

QuikForms by Efficient Technology, Inc.

Client Overview

At Efficient Technology Inc., our goal is to partner with businesses and organizations to achieve operational excellence and efficiency.

Founded in 1996, ETI has grown from its early roots as a consulting company into a world-class, service-oriented organization specializing in Workflow Automation Solutions. Efficient Technology Inc has been developing automated solutions since 1996 and delivering forms-based workflow solutions since 2001.

Project Overview

VineIT was able to correct optimal Windows settings, remove bloatware, and help Efficient Technologies regain speed lost over time. Combining expert technician support, and monitoring software’s active response capabilities, VineIT was able to restore 37% of Efficient Technology’s PC resources leading to a drastically improved user experience.

Combining the latest solutions from our technology partners, we were able to drastically expanded their application and network speeds while reducing server density and associated costs.


Decreased Support Tickets


Increased Network Speed


Reduced IT Costs


Increased Network Uptime

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