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The Do’s and Don’ts Guide When Setting Up Your Remote Workspace

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Your company is working remotely…but are you secure from cyber attacks? Now more than ever, our world is a playground for cyber criminals, but don’t worry our team has your back! Download our guide + checklist of do’s and don’t’s when setting up your remote work space to ensure you are protected and secure 24/7.

The Ultimate Testimonial

Years ago, When I started my first business, it was small. I started out knocking on doors, mowing people’s lawns, and next thing i knew, I had a multi-million dollar company here in Tampa Bay. IT used to be the last thing on my mind until one day we were hacked, and that’s when I hired Vine IT.
If you depend on technology, having a team of professionals on your side just isn’t an option. We are a veteran owned, US-based company, monitoring your business’ servers and workstations 24/7. If you’re looking for an IT partner for your business that you can trust, schedule a call with us.”

-Mike Thackrey, CEO