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Do you want an end to your technology worries? We are your personal IT department with unparalleled software and support providing you with total peace of mind.

Our clients can’t afford a data breach or downtime in their business. It costs you and your team valuable time, money, and can damage your company’s reputation. At Vine we manage the IT & Cybersecurity for businesses from multiple industries allowing our clients to focus on managing and growing their businesses.

Our primary goals are to protect our clients data, and maximize their up time and productivity. We don’t believe in the “break fix” model where a business’s only contact with their IT company is when something is broken. Instead, our solution is to monitor our client’s workstations and servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We proactively manage data backups, software updates, antivirus and malware protection. In addition to all of these benefits, our clients also profit from having access to our US based, 24/7 Tech Team Help Desk. All of these benefits are included in our monthly service package for every one of our clients.

Bottom line, we manage your IT, you grow your business. So come join the Vine!

About Us

In today’s advanced digital age you need software and people to ensure the highest level of security. We have blended the best security experts in the industry, the best software available, and a team of dedicated support technicians available 24/7 to fundamentally change the way businesses think about IT, security, compliance, and support.

Our Team

We have blended the best security experts in the industry, the best software available and a team of dedicated support technicians to fundamentally change the way businesses think about IT.


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If you depend on technology, having a team of professionals on your side isn’t an option, it is a necessity! Our security suite is not only affordable, but incredibly powerful. We have combined the best software, with the best people, to bring you a solution that will keep you up and running and safe from any threats the “bad guys” can throw at you.

What We Offer

Managed IT Services

At VineIT, we think managed services should be available to every business and home user of modern technology. From deploying complex network structures and security solutions to setting up Mom's new computer, it should be easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber threats are more prevalent than ever. Is your company protected against the growing threat landscape? Our certified Security Auditors can help identify vulnerabilities that can cost you time, money, and damage to your reputation.

Consulting Services

Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve infrastructure to accommodate growth, Vine IT can help. Our experienced consultants can help you protect your data today while implementing the infrastructure that will take your business into the future.


Antivirus & Malware Protection

Avoid costly loss of your personal data with our enterprise class antivirus and malware protection.

Device Installation

Have a new device you want to add to your network or computer? Our techs are here to make installing new peripherals a dream.

24 / 7 USA Based
Help Desk

Finally, your very own expert for any tech support you may need with our 24/7 USA Help Desk.

Security & Compliance

We have blended the best security experts in the industry, the best software available and dedicated support so you can focus on your business, not regulations.

Automated Cloud
Data Backup

Ensure you never lose any of your work or personal memories with our automated technology backups.

Update Management

We maintain all updates for any piece of hardware or software we support.

Hardware / Software Monitoring

Our in-house team, and cloud based software keep a watchful eye on all of your technology even when you can't.

Networking Support

Managing your internet network can be a daunting task, we’ve changed that.

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  • Continuous Monitoring
  • 24/7 Live U.S. Based Support
  • Cyber Security Solutions