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VineIT Leadership

Our Team

  • Name: Mike Thackrey
  • Title: CEO
  • Nickname: The Gas Pedal
  • Stuff he does: Constantly chasing the elusive hole-in-one.
  • Name: Nate Ginter
  • Title: CTO
  • Nickname: The Steering Wheel
  • Stuff he does: As a rugged indoorsman, Nate can be found competing in Esports with regularity.
  • Name: Scott LeRoy
  • Title: CRO
  • Nickname: Rainmaker
  • Stuff he does: He likes to work hard, play hard, and then go golf.
  • Name: Andrew Kennedy
  • Title: Support Manager
  • Nickname: Bob Vila
  • Stuff he does: He can basically fix or make anything with his hands…including his own hockey sticks.
  • Name: Christi DeGeare
  • Title: Controller
  • Nickname: Super Girl
  • Stuff she does: Does pretty much everything better than everyone…twice.
  • Name: Brandon Silva
  • Title: Support Administrator
  • Nickname: Mr. Galactic
  • Stuff he does: Everything gaming and fixes his Camaro, even when it’s not broken.
  • Name: Devon McNeely
  • Title: Support Specialist
  • Nickname: Sonar Technical Investigator
  • Stuff he does: Worked on a submarine, now theorycrafting his favorite novels…pretty sure he can handle your tech challenges.
  • Name: Liam Dowd
  • Title: Support Specialist
  • Nickname: The People Pleaser
  • Stuff he does: A “cinematic enthusiast” and devoted people pleaser.
  • Name: Taylor DeGeare
  • Title: Business Developer
  • Nickname: The Sales Assassin
  • Stuff he does: He has a permanent locker at his second home…the gym.
  • Name: Sven Haugen
  • Title: Support Specialist
  • Nickname: Kayfabe
  • Stuff he does: Loves sitting in the park and shredding guitar.
  • Name: Garrett Jennings
  • Title: Support Specialist
  • Nickname: MacGyver
  • Stuff he does: The face of projects for Vine by day, carving through waves and wind…also by day.

Whatever Your Technology Needs Are, We Have You Covered

Managed IT Services

At VineIT, we think managed services should be available to every business and home user of modern technology. From deploying complex network structures and security solutions to setting up Mom’s new computer, it should be easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber threats are more prevalent than ever. Is your company protected against the growing threat landscape? Our certified Security Auditors can help identify vulnerabilities that can cost you time, money, and damage to your reputation.

Consulting Services

Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve infrastructure to accommodate growth, Vine IT can help. Our experienced consultants can help you protect your data today while implementing the infrastructure that will take your business into the future.

If you depend on technology, having a team of professionals on your side isn't an option, it is a necessity! Our security suite is not only affordable, but incredibly powerful. We have combined the best software, with the best people, to bring you a solution that will keep you up and running and safe from any threats the "bad guys" can throw at you.

We Help Business Owners Rest Worry Free

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • U.S. Based Support
  • Cyber Security Solutions